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I'm fascinated by the degree to which polymer clay preserves and reveals a history of folds and deformations applied to it.

I think of the "experience" of a piece of clay as the sum of the starting form, the sequences of all the folds and deformations and the final presentation.

There are probably an infinite variety of artforms possible with this medium, but I'm focusing on one particular characteristic: how it reveals the history of its folds

What follows isn't a broad discussion of different techniques. Rather, it is a discussion about one kind of structure for describing a series of maneuvers with the clay and how they influence the resulting patterns one sees on the surface and inside.

Since there are so many possible variations at each step, even seemingly identical "experiences" will yield strikingly different results. Still, it isn't completely random. To me this is the crux of my fascination: you can influence the results, but not control them.


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